There are many different types of worries that young people have about the 50/50 risk and one common feeling is that, although they know scientifically the risk is 50%, it simply does not feel that way to them. Many people feel like the odds are stacked in favour of inheriting the expanded gene that causes Huntington’s disease, rather than the normal gene that does not.

It is very common and understandable to feel this way. The worry can tend to feel larger than a 50/50 risk should, and the mind has a way of focusing on the worrying aspect of that 50/50 risk, rather than the more positive outlook that there is also a 50% chance of not having Huntington’s disease.

Some people at-risk actually prefer to think and live as if they are going to get Huntington’s disease at some point in their lives. People see it as a good way to cope – expecting the worst and hoping for the best – and also it can be seen as a good approach to living life because it can sometimes encourage people to do more with their time.