Fundraising means to collect money for a specific reason or cause. Fundraisers collect money for many different causes. Some of those might be caring for people with a condition, providing food for the homeless, raising money to build a new school somewhere in the world, or raising money to fund more medicine for people that need it.

Fundraising is a wonderfully charitable thing to do and there are many ways to fundraise. Some people organize events such as walks, dinners or dances. Others will do energetic things like running a long distance, cycling, or climbing mountains. Then you have people who do crazy fundraising challenges to raise money such as cycling around the world, swimming the English Channel, or running through the desert. There are many ways to fundraise, which is the beauty of it! People can do what suits them and what they enjoy doing to raise money for the cause they support.


The Positive Impact of Fundraising

Perhaps the most important aspect of fundraising is the effect it has on the individuals taking part. Being a part of the fundraising effort brings more confidence to face Huntington’s disease and you will feel proud to achieve something that will have such a lasting impact. It also gets other people involved in your cause and allows them to do something to help you, and it’s a fun way to create more awareness about Huntington’s disease – which allows you to be more open about the disease in a positive way with friends and family.