Being at risk, causes a lot of worries and concerns for young people. So it is important that young people at risk are supported by those around them. As a family, the best way to cope with Huntington’s disease is to discuss it freely and be open, so that young people feel comfortable and know that they can talk about any worries they have with the family.

If open dialogue about Huntington’s disease is missing in the family, young people can end up feeling very isolated with their concerns. Often, just being able to talk about their worries is a great relief for them.

As a young person, your family should always be the first place to turn to when you want to discuss how you feel with regards to Huntington’s disease. But if you don’t feel that you can talk to your family about Huntington’s disease or you don’t want to talk to them, then you may find support through YPAHD or other similar organizations. There, you will find many young people going through similar concerns who will be able to share experiences. Talking to others in similar situations can be a great support.