Upcoming Events

Live Chats!

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we began hosting a series of live chats on a variety of youth topics. To participate/watch the live chats and learn more about upcoming chats, follow us on Facebook.


May is HD awareness month. Due to social distancing, this year is a bit different but we encourage you to #lightitup4HD blue and purple around your own home, or consider some sidewalk art with #chalkitup4HD. 

Find information on other events planned in your area by visiting HSC Community Events.

Huntington_pmsYou can also create your own  fundraising event! Join TeamHD and raise money for any type of event such as a marathon, online fundraiser or a local event. Here are a few tools to help you plan your event:

If you’re interested in planning an event and need assistance, contact the HSC by email at events@huntingtonsociety.ca or by phone (1-800-998-7398).