Meet the 2022-2024 YPAHD executive

  • President: Caleb Harding
  • Vice-President: Celine Payne
  • Social Media Coordinator: Taylor Van Beest
  • Youth Engagement Co-coordinator: Parker Van Beest
  • Past President: Doug Mallock
  • HSC National Board of Directors Youth Representative: Catherine Price

Meet the executive by reading their introductions here!

Other Opportunities with YPAHD:

Here are some other ways you might be able to make a difference and contribute to our cause:

  • Present at a YPAHD Day
  • Help out at a YPAHD-led event
  • Solicit donations and prizes for fundraising events
  • Consider a position on the YPAHD executive or with your local chapter
  • Represent YPAHD at local chapter events
  • Become a youth mentor
  • Tell someone about HD

If you are interested in getting involved, contact us.